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Central Otago Artisan Foods

Making the most of local produce

A World of Flavour

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Artisan Foods & Farmers Markets

When you combine the best raw materials in Central Otago, with real craftsmanship, you end up with a product that disappears pretty quickly. That’s because they’re things like fresh, local fruits, and the producers are talented artisans. The results range from delicious sauces, chutneys and jams, to baked goods. They last longer in the memory, than they will on your plate.

Central Otago is full of artisans making the most of local produce. You’ll hardly ever find their produce in the supermarket, but that’s half the fun. You will find them at farmers markets, roadside stalls and farm gates where often you will also be meeting and talking to the person who has grown and made the produce on sale.

Jo at Scrubby Gully Preserves and Peonies on the outskirts of Alexandra, is one such passionate artisan producer. Her philosophy about food is all about working with the distinct Central Otago climate, being spray free, sustainable, and preserving excess crop into products that hero the intensity and purity of flavours for others to enjoy.

The wonderful thing about artisan products is that you can take them home or to your accommodation to share with friends and family. Better still pick up a local wine and make up a platter of flavours to share.

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