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Ranfurly, Naseby & the Māniatoto

If it feels like you’re driving through a painting, it’s because you are.

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Ranfurly, Naseby & the Māniatoto

The Māniatoto is one of New Zealand’s unparalleled places — a vast, soulful plain fringed by craggy, tussock-clad hills and sturdy mountain ranges. Big blue skies by day become incredible dark skies by night. Naseby residents know this for a fact – they’ve been taking scientific readings and their night skies are up there with the best.

Within the weathered and timeless plain and valleys are resourceful, resilient communities, generous in spirit and strengthened by deep, steadfast friendships forged through generations. Looking out for each other is simply a way of life. In this place, land and people shape each other — but nature is always in charge.



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Ranfurly, Naseby and Māniatoto and the surrounding townships are home to a diverse range of businesses, community groups, creatives and artisan producers.

Whether you need your tap fixed, want to join a gym, or wondering where you can buy local products. Our Community and Business directory will help connect you with the local options.

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