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Our Stories

Understandably this place has shaped who we are and what we do.

A World of Difference

Our Stories

There are many stories that stitch this place together. Our stories are distinctively Central Otago, New Zealand. They will give you a sense of our place and its enormous untamed landscapes and where nature has its own sophistication. They will quietly reveal its differences in subtle and unexpected ways - a memorable feast for your senses.

Central Otago is something completely different. People here still have time for you. There’s a rugged sense of individualism, where the people have learnt to live with nature’s extremes. The same pioneering spirit that braved the elements to break the land is still alive. Understandably this place has shaped who we are and what we do.

This place of difference genuinely delivers difference in all things – the products and experiences are truly Central Otago. The fine flavours, fine wools, rich history and reputation have spread well beyond our borders. When the world gets busier, Central Otago is a refreshing counterpoint – a rare and precious thing.

Central Otago Cycling Story

Our landscapes, places, people and climate have created a bikers' paradise for every age and stage

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Olivers Central Otago

The pleasures of sharing Central Otago's rich, captivating heritage is at the heart of Andy and Davi...

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Touch Yarns

Touch Yarns - 'the beautiful yarn company' -  is based in historic Clyde and specialises in knitting...

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Jimmy's Pies

It's a rare visitor that passes through Roxburgh and does not stop to enjoy a world-famous Jimmy's p...

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Harmony Skin and Beauty

Secluded from the flurry of everyday life, Alexandra's award-winning Harmony Skin & Beauty clinic is...

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Cairnmuir Olive Oils

Daydreaming about Provence led Anna and Stephen Clark on an 18-year pilgrimage producing finely-craf...

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Waipiata Country Hotel & Tussock Lodge

Waipiata is now one of the Otago Central Rail Trail's delights, with the transformation of the Waipi...

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Gertz Larder

For Gertz Larder founder, Glenda Rogers, it's all about the bold, intense flavours of Central Otago....

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Heliview Flights

Making people happy and tailor-making dreams. That's the vision of Heliview Flights - a family busin...

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Remarkable Orchards

Roxburgh East fruit grower Sid Birtles relishes the seasonal changes and busy life that producing fi...

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