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Janyne Fletcher Photographer

Central Otago Regional Identity Partner

A World of Difference

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Janyne Fletcher’s distinctive, beautiful works blend the stories of Central Otago landscapes and people. Framed by her artistic instincts, she constructs a canvas of moments and memories—evocative, reflective, compelling. It’s more than simply documenting what she sees. It’s a candid imprint of thoughts and feelings.

Janyne Fletcher

Never in a million years did Janyne Fletcher believe dabbling in art and photography could become a career. She thought she’d make a `really good’ accountant.  

After working in the city as a commercial property manager, Janyne made the transformational shift to marketing, immersing herself in the creative world. She also started a new hobby: taking pictures of birds. Something special sparked.  

“I was heading down a more creative path and worked with many types of creative people. I loved it, it was very, very cool and I got involved in some amazing things. And I thought I want to be a photographer. While it came almost from nowhere…I think there were things going on in the back of my mind.”


Central Otago value: Making A Difference

The inspirational, underlying stories represented in Janyne’s work capture the soul. Her photographs resonate with life experiences—the feelings of a profound moment, a gentle or stormy mood, a tender memory.  

“I’ve got this image that I took on the Dunstan Trail with a cross that says ‘remember your loved ones’. People find that really powerful because it’s a stunning Central Otago scene but with a deeper meaning. It’s really hard to put your finger on…it’s a feeling and we want people to get in touch with that. And I suppose in a way I’m sharing my journey and doing that through my photos or art.”  


Central Otago value: Having Integrity

Janyne loves the honest, enriching spirit and beauty that Central Otago gives to her life and work. Authenticity in her art and interactions delivers tangible meaning.  

“I think, particularly in the Maniototo, being part of a community is more important than I imagined. The people here are amazing, and I’ve been just blown away by that.  Having said that, being in Central Otago gives me breathing space, I need a bit of “air” in my days and I can get that here. The meeting of all these things: the location, the rail trail, the good people and huge amount of support from a loving partner.  It’s all just sort of come together—the stars have aligned and I’m doing the sort of thing that photographers dream about.”


Central Otago value: Adding Value

Buying or not, Janyne likes to show customers artworks they might enjoy, creating the best possible experience and sharing the provenance of Central Otago.  

“We always do ask ourselves if there’s a better way…could we do something to make it better for people. I want to treat people well. It doesn’t matter whether they decide to buy or not. I get great feedback which really helps me. And quite often people are at the beginning of their journey with art and so it is a privilege to be part of their first step. A lot of my pictures have storytelling behind them. The provenance is really important in what I do.”

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