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Manuherikia & the Ida Valley

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Manuherikia & the Ida Valley

The Manuherikia and Ida Valleys are proud, timeless places – geologically fascinating and edged by mountain ranges and crumpled velvet hills – they are soul country. But it hasn’t always been this way. It’s hard to believe that in prehistoric times, before the Southern Alps were even a twinkle in Mother Nature’s eye, this region was a giant sub-tropical lake with crocodiles and flamingos for locals.

As the mountains formed, streams like the Ida burn sculpted paths through the schist carving out the magnificent Poolburn Gorge linking the Manuherikia and Ida valleys. As the gold rush took off, mining towns sprung up and boomed. 

Riding the Otago Central Rail Trail will take you through or close by to many of the Manuherikia and Ida Valley towns and they’re all worth a visit on the bike or via a road trip. The pioneering spirit and resilience of the early settlers lives on in these towns. The friendly close knit communities may be small but the intergenerational community spirit is huge.



The Manuherikia & Ida Valley Story

Tucked in these weathered, timeless valleys are resourceful, resilient communities, generous in spirit and strengthened by deep steadfast friendships.

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The townships of the Ida Valley and Upper Manuherekia are home to a diverse range of businesses, community groups, creatives and artisan producers.

Whether you need your tap fixed, want to join a gym, or wondering where you can buy local products. Our Community and Business directory will help connect you with the local options.

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