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If it feels like you’re driving through a painting, you probably are.

Central Otago’s rugged landscapes, soft light and a fast-flourishing palette of colours gifted by the seasons has always attracted and inspired creative people. We are a community rich in art, culture and fashion.

Local artisans and craftspeople are born from, and inspired by, the tough types who first settled here. Our resilient ancestors sowed many creative seeds and taught us that good buggers, when tested, can think differently, dig deep and create something outstanding.

Oils to watercolours, pottery to photography, food to fashion – creativity is a natural phenomenon in this colourful world of difference that is Central Otago. Even the old stone cottages and contemporary buildings are designs borne of the landscape and schist rock.

Art galleries and craft shops can be found in the small towns, revealing the talents of local artists and the opportunity to take home a true piece of Central Otago. 

Unexpected treasures can be found in Central Otago, created by the true identities of the region, the locals.

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