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Roxburgh & the Teviot Valley

People used to come here for the gold. Now they come for all the colours.

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Roxburgh & the Teviot Valley

The warmer climes of the sheltered Teviot Valley, flanked by rocky tussock-clad high country, create a lush valley floor of green and gold farmland and orchards. Roxburgh, Ettrick and Millers Flat are all small towns in the Teviot Valley, blessed with world-class fruit, produce, farming and salt-of-the-earth folk who care deeply for their community, work together and always have time for a yarn.

Boasting two of the nation’s Great Rides (the Roxburgh Gorge and Clutha Gold trails) and an abundance of walking and back country mountain biking trails close by, you’ll need some good grub to fuel your adventures. Fortunately, Roxburgh is home to the family run and legendary Jimmy’s Pies. The recipe is kept under wraps their reputation runs wild.

Clutha Gold Trail

Whether you walk it or ride it, this trail is full of variety – there is a journey of discovery around every corner.

Clutha Gold Trail

Roxburgh Gorge Trail

The beauty of this magnificent trail is that you can choose what you want to experience, start to finish or just part of it.

Roxburgh Gorge Trail

The Teviot Valley Story

On this ribbon valley floor a patchwork quilt of farms and orchards unfurls in green and gold

The Teviot Valley Story

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Roxburgh and the Teviot Valley are home to a diverse range of businesses, community groups, creatives and artisan producers.

Whether you need your tap fixed, want to join a gym, or wondering where you can buy local products. Our Community and Business directory will help connect you with the local options.

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