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Our Stories

Understandably this place has shaped who we are and what we do.

A World of Difference

Our Stories

There are many stories that stitch this place together. Our stories are distinctively Central Otago, New Zealand. They will give you a sense of our place and its enormous untamed landscapes and where nature has its own sophistication. They will quietly reveal its differences in subtle and unexpected ways - a memorable feast for your senses.

Central Otago is something completely different. People here still have time for you. There’s a rugged sense of individualism, where the people have learnt to live with nature’s extremes. The same pioneering spirit that braved the elements to break the land is still alive. Understandably this place has shaped who we are and what we do.

This place of difference genuinely delivers difference in all things – the products and experiences are truly Central Otago. The fine flavours, fine wools, rich history and reputation have spread well beyond our borders. When the world gets busier, Central Otago is a refreshing counterpoint – a rare and precious thing.

Kopuwai Consulting

Unearthing layers of Central Otago's rich heritage to understand why, what and how is one of Matt So...

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Omakau Irrigation Scheme

It's fair to say that Roger Williams always keeps his water eye on the weather. 

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Dear Lissy

Capturing life's fleeting yet pivotal moments is a privilege and a passion for Alexandra-based weddi...

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Paulina's Restaurant and Bar

The warmth and love of family farmhouse meals inspired Chilean-born Paulina Corvalan to establish he...

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Wynyard Estate Saffron

Planting 20 tiny corms in tubs in their Dunedin backyard was the start of an inspirational saffron-g...

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Real Dog Company

A passion for sled dogs is at the heart of dog equipment business the Real Dog Company and sister en...

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Central Otago Fashion Story

Wools grown in Central Otago range from strong to finer fibres, which transform into luxury floor co...

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Three Miners Vineyard

Plant scientist Kirstin Wright wanted her feet firmly on the ground and not up a ladder. Looking for...

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Teviot Valley x Flox

Flox and TrustMe travelled to Roxburgh in January 2020 to create a community mural showcasing the di...

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The Maniototo Story

Humble, close-knit farming settlements are dotted thinly across the plain, huddled on long, straight...

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