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Mt Difficulty Ascent

Mt Difficulty Winery

Saturday, 8 June 2024 8:00am - 6:00pm

Extreme mountain races 25km, 44km based on Mt. Difficulty at Bannockburn, Cromwell.

The premise is it’s a mountain trail ‘run’ of either half or full marathon distance.

The reality is some sections of the ascent are between 40-50′. We also have a 200m section with a set rope in part of the decent, mostly to keep you on course but also as a safety requirement from a legal perspective.

If that’s making you uncomfortable already, good, this event is not for everyone. If you are ‘as excited as all-hell!’ Great – keep reading.

This is an ADVENTURE RUN folks, the ‘adventure’ part means you can't run all of this course. The ups are really UP! You’ll be hands on knees, puffing just to walk, at times you will be using your hands to help you scramble up some dirty, rocky slopes, maybe churning through snow…

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Mt Difficulty Winery



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