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Join me on a voyage of discovery through the universe on a Naseby night-sky tour. 

Book now and learn about objects both near and far.  Have you ever wondered …

  • What is Jupiter’s Great Red Spot? 
  • What makes the stars shine? 
  • How big is our galaxy? 

Join me on a tour to find out. Starting with our moon, we'll journey out through the solar system to the stars and beyond.  Learn how to navigate your way around our wonderful southern skies and identify some of its key constellations and features. Come and view the moon and planets up close through telescopes and be amazed by the wonders of the Milky Way as we explore star clusters and nebulae … vast clouds of cosmic gas that are the birth-places of stars.

How to find us

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Contact us

7 Derwent Street

Phone: +6434449908
Mobile: +64212345044



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