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Nigel Wilson's Landed

21 Centennial Avenue

Wednesday, 17 January 2024 - Sunday, 18 February 2024

Nigel Wilson, a renowned artist from Clyde, is showcasing his latest art - absolutely spectacular abstract landscapes.

Abstract paintings are a natural evolution for Nigel. In his process Nigel recalls and extracts from years of landscape painting. He knows that a horizon line can be generated by the adjacency of two areas of colour. Texture can prompt the mind to see atmospheres or the weather and many undefinable details move through Nigel and the palette knife. In taking time to view this work the viewer experiences a connection and emotion as something opens up the surface. It's these detections of the subconscious that are activated by abstract painting. 

In this show at the Heaphy Gallery there is a chance to see and enjoy a new development of one of the best known artists of our Central Otago area.

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21 Centennial Avenue

Phone: +6434486230

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