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Business Owner, Community Board member, Roxburgh

I have restored one of the original buildings on the main street of Roxburgh into a health food store and fitness centre. At the back of the ‘shop’ is our home and our productive gardens full of fresh healthy vegetables and fruit.

“It was quite a big shift in the beginning, especially because I closed up my business in Auckland to move here. It’s been amazing.

This community—it’s incredible. And the more I’ve gotten to know people and gotten myself involved in the community, the more I’ve realized that I wouldn’t want to leave Central Otago now. I love it.”

“In the weekend I love exploring Central Otago by foot or by bike and have done lots of the trails in this area. When I can I get out for overnight trips in the caravan.

I love Central Otago for the wide-open spaces and down to earth people.”

Interested in moving to Central?

There are many questions that spring to mind when considering a move to a new area. To help you with this decision we can connect you with one of the people below who have also chosen to make Central Otago their home.

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