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Organic Wines

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Wines with Legacy

As you make your choice of what wine to enjoy with some sensational food at a favourite restaurant like the renown Bannockburn Hotel, it feels good to pick a wine that is locally grown and created by people committed to ensuring their legacy is leaving a land better than it was before

There is something extra special about enjoying wine where it is made. It creates a memory that returns wherever and whenever you find and enjoy that same wine once again.

The landscape and climate of Central Otago is a natural fit for organic and biodynamic viticulture. Many of our viticulturists and wine makers believe that the best we can do for future generations is to do better than just being sustainable. Using these practices is known to create a premium wine that truly expresses the spirit of the land whilst also regenerating and preserving the landscape for future generations. With a high percentage of Central Otago vineyards either fully organic or in a transitional programme, the skill of our talented Central Otago vineyard managers and winemakers who work with the natural rhythms of the land and climate to produce exceptional wines is one to celebrate.

Carrick wines are an early pioneer of organic vineyard management in Central Otago with its land being farmed organically since 2008 and its wines regularly achieving awards and accolades.

You’ll find Central Otago organic wines on many wine lists, and don’t forget to plan a visit if you are in Central Otago.

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